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Rick is a favorite with our teachers and students. His approach is sensible and easy to teach. Students relate well to him because of the humor. It is because of the humor that they also remember the points he is making. If you are looking for a way to make a big difference quickly, Rick is your answer. His book, Write Where You Are, is a must-read for every classroom teacher. They will refer to it again and again long after your day with Rick has passed.

Dr. Frank Buck, Curriculum Supervisor, Talladega City Schools

Rick Shelton is the most outstanding instructor of writing I have seen in my educational career. His ability to motivate young people and to engage them actively in constructive academic pursuit is incredible.

John Richey, Assistant Principal, Guntersville High School

...Write Where You Are! is a must have for all teachers and administrators. Our teachers consider it to be our bible for great writing instruction.

Pam Duke, Instructional Specialist, Boaz Middle School

Rick Shelton is fabulous!  He has been working with us at Boaz Middle School for the past five years and has helped us achieve wonderful results across our curriculum.  Boaz Middle School is a nationally recognized Professional  Learning Community , an Alabama Banner School, and has been highlighted by Harry Wong at teachers.net.  We owe a huge debt to Rick Shelton for helping us achieve those accolades.  His book, “Write Where You Are”,  should be required reading for all teachers, principals, and superintendents.

Ray Landers, Alabama Middle School Principal of the Year (2008), National Association of Secondary School Principals Middle Level Principal of the Year (2009)

Not only is Rick knowledgeable about the Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing, but he is also a gifted writer! It has been my privilege for ten years to watch him work with students from 3rd to 5th grade. After each session, I've observed that he leaves kids feeling confident about their abilities, excited over the opportunity to write, and aware of the requirements of the assessment.

Reba McDaniel Wadsworth, PhD, Literacy Consultant and Author

Rick Shelton is the definitive teacher of writing – knowledgeable, passionate, and plugged-in to today's student. Not only do our students (from emergent to advanced) benefit from his easy-to-follow strategies, but they also catch his fervor for writing as a way in which to express themselves. We have been lucky enough to have Rick work with our students and will continue to do everything in our power to bring him back on a regular basis. His “Write Where You Are!” series is the seventh grade language arts “go to” for all of our instructional needs. There is no one better qualified to instill a love of writing in students and to teach teachers how to keep that desire fueled!

Lisa Gaines, MA, NBCT, Seventh grade language arts, Homewood Middle School

Rick has become a part of our family by providing model lessons and invaluable professional development sessions for our faculty. He has given our teachers the tools and confidence they need to provide effective writing instruction.

Kristi Hopper, Instructional Specialist, Boaz Intermediate School

Mr. Shelton is a wonderful writing mentor for our students, and for our teachers, as well. Children leave each of Rick's workshops and discussions energized, equipped, and inspired. They love the stories he shares. Rick teaches students to be aware of their own writing, and gives them the power and knowledge to analyze others' writing. Teachers leave his workshops with practical tools for instruction. His book, Write Where You Are!, provides specific writing examples and has proven to be a valuable resource for instruction.

Dr. Rosalyn D. Spivey, Assistant Principal, Vestavia Hills Elementary at Liberty Park

Rick Shelton is an asset to any school system lucky enough to have him.  His
writing strategies are simple enough for children just learning how to write but
offer challenges to those students who have been writing for years.  Mr.
Shelton's rapport with the students is phenomenal!  Students respond
enthusiastically and excitedly anticipate each visit.  He has helped our ADAW
assessment scores rise over the past six years.

Cynthia Cox and Lillian Garner, 5th grade teachers, Arab Elementary School

Rick is an amazing writing teacher.  My students love to hear his wonderful stories and they understand his writing instructions. I have actually witnessed a struggling student produce beautiful work with his guidance. Rick is a natural teacher and  his book, Write Where You Are , is a necessity to a successful writing program.

Allison Alexander, 7th Grade Language Arts, Boaz Middle School

"If I teach science, I teach facts. If I teach scientists, I teach writers authentic writing." This is a quote I jotted down at the first workshop of Rick's I ever attended. I was a public school teacher in Alabama at the time. The two days I spent with him in middle school classrooms working with students producing authentic writing were magical. I quickly purchased his book and began changing the way I taught writing to my students. As my students began to bloom as writers, I found that I did as well. Through his book and workshops, Rick has become my writing mentor and, as a added bonus, my friend. Now that I live and teach in New York State, I find all I have learned from Rick about teaching kids to write holds true above the Mason-Dixon Line! Someday I hope to lure Rick up north to write with my new students and me. My plan involves the promise of excellent fly fishing and delicious Tex-Mex food. He won't be able to resist!

Caroline Hopenwasser, Assistant Professor of Education, State University of New York at New Palz

Write Where You Are! is not only teacher-friendly, it is student-friendly. I use it as a resource, and so do my students.

Jennifer Franks, Seventh Grade Language Arts Teacher, Boaz Middle School

I believe Mr. Shelton's work with our students over the past three years is one of the main ingredients in their writing success. As an ELL teacher, I am able to adapt strategies from Write Where You Are! and easily make them comprehensible to LEP (Limited English Proficient) students. Not only are his workshops an oasis of knowledge on the teaching of writing, but also a motivating force that makes teachers eager to get back in their classrooms and try out his writing methods. If I were a principal anywhere in the country, I would do anything I could to get Mr. Shelton to lead my teachers in how to teach writing.

Marty Hatley, ELL Specialist, Boaz Intermediate School

I cannot say enough good things about Rick and his ability to fire kids up to write as if they were born writers.  My students are electrified  each and every time he enters my classroom.  He entertains as well as teaches students and teachers that everyone can write and write well.  I have used his book and stories to teach the modes of writing with great success on the Alabama Writing Assessment .

Inez Shunnarah, 4th Grade Teacher
Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights





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